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JCC Brooklyn's Infant-Toddler Program focuses on children's development and is designed based on their primary needs between 12 months and 24 months of age. This is the age when emotional, physical, cognitive, social and verbal skills are growing at an exceptional rate. Infants and toddlers in this stage learn through the exploration of themselves and the world around them. Our play-based, emergent curriculum concentrates on identifying and developing each child’s individual needs and interests while supporting their physical and social-emotional development.


The infant-toddler program at JCC Brooklyn offers:


    •       Full and Half-Day Programs (including early bird and extended stay)

    •       Progressive, play-based approach

    •       Fully licensed and experienced staff

    •       Jewish cultural framework

    •       Music, art, and movement integrated into daily schedule

    •       Brand-new, child-centered facilities

    •       Daily snacks

    •       Emergent Curriculum

    •       Daily walks and playground visits

    •       Naps


Outdoor Play:

We use special buggies to transport our classes to nearby playgrounds where the children engage in cooperative games and free play. Underwood Park is only few blocks away and we take advantage of it by going on nature walks, having fun at the playground, enjoying being outside and learning about the many plants, birds and animals that share our world with us.



Since children learn and evolve at what seems like lightning speed, we make sure to document learning every day so that you can see the progress your child is making firsthand. We take many photos during the day so that you can glimpse the fun that we are having learning, playing, and exploring.



Our school runs year-round -- however, we do accept students on an ongoing basis, so whenever there are openings available and our schedule permits it, a student can come join us!


If you are interested in meeting with us and getting to know the school a bit better, we welcome you to contact us at


2017-18 Enrollment Forms -- 24 Months and Under


Please email completed applications to


or mail to: JCC Brooklyn Clinton Hill
309 Grand Avenue, Suite 1
Brooklyn, NY 11238

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